Home Hosts Needed for Upcoming USAID and Community Connections Programs

Hosting international visitors in your home or work offers an opportunity to learn how others think about the world, about us and about current affairs.  It offers insights on things we’ve perhaps never even thought of.  In other words, hosting broadens our horizon.  NNIC is seeking home hosts for several groups of visitors traveling to Reno during the months of March and April.

Ten Belarusian visitors will visit Reno on a three-week USAID program from March 18- April 8.  They are interested in learning about how our governmental and non-governmental sector collaborates to assist youth-at-risk.

The second group will consist of five visitors from Moldova who will learn about our efforts to combat human trafficking through an eight day Open World program from April 10-18.

We seek home hosts who have an extra bedroom and can offer breakfast and some dinners to our guests.   Visitors are picked up and dropped off each day.  For more information, please contact NNIC or click on the link below

Hosting International Visitors

Contact Information:

Carina Black, Ph.D.

784.7515, ext. 221



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