Each One Can Reach One

The Northern Nevada International Center would like to thank you for hosting our visitors. Without your dedication to NNIC, our effort to connect local residents to the international community would not be achieved. Now, as we continue into 2015, we need your help.

Many sponsored programs are heading to the Reno community, with more international visitors than ever before. NNIC aims to support international experiences to highlight various cultures, customs and languages between our visitors and the community. We cannot craft this experience without the presence of our host families.

We welcome you back as a host family, but with a challenge: spread our message. We want to reach more Reno residents and begin to generate a fulfilling experience for host families, thereby fostering a memorable visit for international groups. We are searching for dedicated hosts just like you and your families.

Each one of you can reach one new family. Each one of you can craft and mold a phenomenal American experience for our international visitors. Each one of you can start today. We trust you with our mission. We believe in you.

The next NNIC-hosted programs will need home hosts and dinner hosts. We have two groups visiting from Belarus and Moldova.

Ten Belarusian visitors will visit Reno on a three-week USAID-sponsored program from March 18-April 8. These visitors are interested in learning about how our governmental and non-governmental sector collaborates to assist youth-at-risk. We are requesting home hosting from March 20-April 8 with visitors away for several out of town, overnight visits throughout the program.

The second group from Moldova will include five visitors. Each will learn about our efforts to combat human trafficking through an eight-day Open World program from April 10-18.

We seek home hosts who have an extra bedroom and can offer breakfast with some dinners to our guests. Visitors will be provided transportation each day through the program. No language proficiency needed.

If you are interested in hosting any of the above groups, please feel free to contact me for more information.


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