Mandela Washington Fellowship for Young African Leaders

Young professionals from various African countries will visit Reno under the auspices of the Mandela Washington Fellowship and a presidential initiative. The African visitors will work with professionals from Northern Nevada, specializing in business, entrepreneurship, civic leadership and management.

During the six-week program, the visitors will also engage with numerous organizations and businesses in Northern Nevada. Through academic sessions, site visits, community service, cultural activities and leadership trainings, the visitors will gain a better understanding of theoretical knowledge and practical skills to implement in their home countries.

Individuals from the community will have the opportunity to collaborate with the visitors as a peer, mentor, or weekly dinner host. We are seeking individuals who share similar professional interests and are similar in age to the young African visitors. If you are a professional in Northern Nevada and interested in sharing cultural experiences, building international relationships, or networking, please contact Carina Black,

NNIC’s main objective is to foster better understanding between people through our public diplomacy programs, our language and culture projects and foreign policy forums. We serve as a resource for local residents as well as visitors interested in international activities and events. Our key programs include organizing programs for international visitors through the U.S. Department of State and other federal agencies; providing interpretation and translation services in over 60 languages; and organizing educational events and activities for the university and general community.


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