Fighting International Financial Crime in Romania and the United States

Four visitors from Romania and three officials from the United States met early this week to discuss the rising global issue of organized financial crime.   In order to fight international financial crimes such as international credit card fraud and money laundering, the group discussed in great detail the complications countries face domestically and internationally.

The United States and Romania both experience significant problems with credit card fraud, money laundering and cybercrime in general. In the United States, however, the problem is becoming more serious, partly because we have some of the easiest money to counterfeit.  The group met with financial crimes expert Todd Shipley, who argued it is very difficult to prove fraud because it often goes unnoticed or unreported to the federal government. The globalization of cybercrime has increased the distribution of pornography, human trafficking, drug smuggling and the trafficking of other resources and counterfeit goods.

As many countries are adopting more secure technologies against financial crimes, the group deliberated the importance of international communication between the United States and Eastern European countries and how to execute more cooperation.

Jim Deal

Asst. Fed. Security Director for Law Enforcement at DHS-Transportation Security Administration

John Cryer

Financial crimes investigator and analyst of financial data

Todd Shipley

President & CEO of Vere Software Investigative Tools