NNIC Global Gala 2015


This year’s Global Gala, hosted by the Northern Nevada International Center (NNIC), proved to be another successful fundraising event. The guest speaker, Akram Elias reminded the audience how what he calls “the great experiment” continues to have a lot of relevance in today’s increasingly unstable world.  This great experiment is an expression of American uniqueness. It represents the freedom to assemble and to associate with whomever we want- the idea of freedom and liberty. Akram believes is it is ongoing experiment. This is why he believes the participation, the engagement, and the involvement of citizens is key.

Mr. Akram R. Elias has over 17 years of professional experience as a Consultant/Contractor in the areas of cultural exchanges, international trade, and political relations between the United States and countries from around the world. He is a founder of Capital Communications Group (CCG) where he heads its public diplomacy and international trade activities. He noted that especially now, it is important for the American public to engage in the world.  Several guests noted that Elias was among the best speakers they had heard.

The concept of citizen diplomacy is strongly embedded in the work of the Northern Nevada International Center (NNIC).  For over three decades, our organization has hosted thousands of visitors from almost every corner of the globe. Thanks for everyone who continues to support our organization.  NNIC’s mission is to make Northern Nevada a more global place to live and work; we can’t do this without the assistance from its citizen diplomats!


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