AYLP Documentary Viewing

University of Nevada, Reno– Students, UNR faculty and members of the Northern Nevada community gathered at the Reynolds School of Journalism Thursday, April 16, 2015 to watch the first public screening of 2014 Algerian Youth Leadership Program documentary. This year will be the seventh and final year of AYLP.

AYLP is a Northern Nevada International Center (NNIC) program funded by the US Department of State, Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs, Citizen Exchange Division. Its purpose is to promote cross-cultural dialogue between 25 Algerian high school students (and 3 educators) and to provide a comprehensive survey of community activism, civic education, and leadership.

During a four-week period, the students and educators participate in workshops, community service activities, and meetings with community leaders. Another component to the program includes the participation of eight American high school students. The program encourages discussion groups and interaction between the Algerian youth and their American peers in the program.

Last year, UNR graduate student of the Reynolds School of Journalism, Patty Bobek filmed and edited a documentary about AYLP. Filmed in both the United States and Algeria, the 35-minute documentary highlights various aspects about the program and specifically, how the student youth who participate are effected.

The documentary viewing was a great success and many members of the audience were moved to tears. The message was clear- we are more alike then we think, regardless of differences in space or religious beliefs.  Bobek and NNIC plan to organize another AYLP Documentary Screening before the documentary is submitted to film festivals.


Name: Patty Bobek

Location: Reno, Nevada 

Profession: Graduate student at the Reynolds School of Journalism


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