Exchanges Broaden Everyone’s Understanding

From the Executive Director


Thousands of exchange students cross borders each year to live with host families, attend schools and engage with citizens of other countries.  Here in Northern Nevada, dozens of high school and hundreds of community college and university students call Reno home for a formative period of their life. The students pictured with Mayor Schieve are attending McQueen and Wooster high school this school year and living with host families.

The exchange is of course not just beneficial for the students themselves, but for the members of our community, including students, educators, host families and friends who become more aware of the lives of others, their unique cultural traits and above, all how similar we are.

This summer, NNIC will be hosting three groups of youth leaders for short-term exchanges.  The first group will consist of 15 Mexican youth and they’ll learn about how we combat bullying and violence in our society and schools.  The second grip consist of 18 Algerian youth leaders; they’ll study environmental issues in the Reno and Tahoe areas.  The third group is made up of 15 Iraqi youth leaders and their program is related to social justice.  We are looking for host families for all three groups.

 Pictured here with Mayor Hilary Schieve (right to left) are Cloe Iyongo (Rotary Student from Switzerland), Yana Kuzytska (FLEX student from Ukraine); Mayor Hilary Schieve; Sophyia Vasilyeva (FLEX student from Ukraine), Nilyufar Umarova (FLEX student from Tajikistan).


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