Spotlight on Turkey- Recap

The World Affairs Councils of America (WACA), Turkish Cultural Foundation (TCF) and Northern Nevada International Center (NNIC) are working together to sponsor five Washoe Country School District teachers to embark on a 14-day tour in Turkey this summer.

In an effort to bring information about turkey to U.S. middle and high school students, 15 teachers from the northern Nevada area attended a workshop to learn about Turkish culture. The group discussed an array of topics about Turkey, such as its geographical location, its relationship with the European Union, culture and food.

Turkey is a fascinating country with a rich and long history. Situated between Europe and Asia, the country serves as a major social, economic and geographic link between the west and the Middle East. While Turkey is not an official member of the European Union, they are still considered part of Europe and remain the EU’s biggest trading partner.

What the teachers had to say… 

“I have more questions now than I did at 8am this morning.”

Julie Wakefield, McQueen High School        

“I did not realize just how old Turkey is. Istanbul has been the capital city for more than three empires; the Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman.”

Pamela Miller, Incline High School          

“This was a great workshop. It really increased my knowledge and changed my overall misperceptions as far as Turkey’s economic and military strength.”

Farrell Vaughn, McQueen High School



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